Our Artisans

EcoVibe partners considering astounding Indian artisans and community groups to bring their high vibes, products to a global audience. These gifted artisans are specialized in all products, making products behind contemporary allure. Products come from all on peak of India- from the northern Himalayan Mountains to the western deserts in Rajasthan, Moradabad, Agra and other Villages as it is commonly known, the spiritual middle of India located in the region of the banks of the Ganga's river in Uttar Pradesh. Some of our products come from greater than India. The principles remain the merged regardless of the country the goods are sourced from. These artisans are paid fairly for their deeds and are skillful to remain in be their villages and preserves their craft.

About Miskeen

There are many people in our country who did not grow up in the lap of luxury Miskeen was one of them. She was born and grew up at Uttar Pradesh. The hardship of life hit her as her father passed away when she was 16 years old. Her mother was suffering from asthma. She is the eldest child of her family and had to support her family, so she start the job hunt, but she did not get any job as she was very young and did not have any experience. After a lot of struggle she got a chance to contact EcoVibe through our survey. Miskeen told her hardship of life to the owner of the company Then we decide to gave her work of handmade jewelry, which she is able to do through her house. Now Miskeen is able to provide good food and good education to her younger brother and sister. She is also taking a good care of her mother's health. Miskeen is now living a self depended and respectful life.


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