About EcoVibe

EcoVibe is a highly developed highly thought of supple-wear to makes you environment fit, inspired and confident-not single-handedly in yourself, but along with in yours get concurrence of. EcoVibe employs are able artisans in India, who would otherwise be jobless or underpaid, to products all EcoVibe fragment. Earning 10 period their typical wages, these artisans and their childrens have allowance for food, electricity, healthcare and education etc.

Founder Story

EcoVibe was founded by Mohd Saifi in 2011. He was doing job at a private firm, Mohd Saifi left his job in 2013, and conventional EcoVibe, witnessed the Impact that poverty has upon their childrens, families and entire communities. Every day he saw in the children's eyes determination, curiosity and a dream to conscious a bigger excitement. Mohd Saifi met following artisans and tiny entrepreneurs who worked tirelessly to earn a rouse. Which first began as a little side project became his liveliness mission. EcoVibe view - point towards is to pay for a long term sustainable auspices to our partners. Our products are handcrafted together in the centre of attention to beauty and mood bringing a taste of India into homes all across the nation.

EcoVibe Mission

Our mission is to create opportunities for underprivileged people to earn a flourishing wages by connecting their products and stories to our customers. We produce each and every Indian artisans and their play by commercializing their unique products through our distribution channels in the global. Our mission is to terminate poverty of these talented artisans, by selling their handmade products on a large scale, supporting aspiring female entrepreneurs reach large audience. These artisans dream of a life filled with love, prosperity and peace.

Indian Artisans And Entrepreneurs

These artisans and entrepreneurs are from Indian villages, make handcrafted products to earn and verify their families. Their livelihoods are deadened constant threat today. Distant and invisible to buyers and market, they locate themselves trapped in exploitative conditions as middlemen transact upon their behalf and pay them inadequately. Looking towards the far-off and wide ahead, and in the assimilation of keeping these crafts preserved far along generations, it is important that the knowledge and skills be passed the length of two subsequent to generations, therefore that the younger generation sees the appeal of not and no-one else earning a living for themselves and their families, but moreover of improving their communities and as a national tradition worthy of self-improvement and preservation.


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